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Friday, November 11, 2016

On the downhill slide......and a name......

....with the quilting of the contest quilt that is.

I've now finished 8 blocks and have started on block #9 (the 2nd from the bottom in the middle column) as of this morning before work.   Have also finished all of the border stars and the full stars.   Have sorta gelled plans for quilting two of the other blocks.   But the dratted orange and yellow one (next to the top at the far right) is giving me fits and refusing to tell me what it wants for quilting.  Sigh......  Will deal with that recalcitrant block when I get to it.  Binding is still to come as well.   I'm hoping to have enough time to add more quilting to the sashing before the pic has to be uploaded to enter the contest.    i'm just not happy with it as is.

This pic show the fabrics I used for the back of the quilt.  All fabrics are from Michael Miller per contest specs.  Love that the colors in this print were all ones that were in the fabrics I used in the blocks on the front.

And the quilt name/title that I'm going to be using for this quilt is "It's quilting, Jim, but not as we know it".   That came thanks to an online friend that I'm in a swap with right now.  And it is perfect for the theme of this year-long contest which was to take traditional quilt blocks and re-imagine them in a modern way.   And yes, the name is a nod to Star Trek since the sashing stars ended up being similar in look to the Star Trek communicators.  =)

As a side note....one of my coworkers gave me the blankest look when I told him what they looked like......sigh, at only 24 yrs old, he has no idea of what Star Trek is other than some of the newest movies.   Boy am I feeling old since I remember watching the original series on tv!

The last pic shows how I left my sewing room/desk this morning when I left work work.   And yes, when I can't sleep in the morning I'll get up and sew.  =)

1. One more week till vacation....Woohoo........

2. Cool fall weather is here.  =)


Kate Chiconi said...

Yay! ...And yes, I think we've all left our sewing areas looking like that from time to time :-)

desertskyquilts said...

I suppose at the end of Saturday, you'll have the whole thing finished. =) I love the name you settled on. Yay, Vacation is on it's way! A whole week, too cool!