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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

New Project Started

Last summer after moving to TX I visited a few of the stores between Dallas and Austin that were doing the row-by-row because I liked their patterns and wanted to get them.  One of them had a scrap bin with bags scraps that were priced inexpensively.  And if there's one thing that I find hard to resist, it's going through a scrap bin, especially if the pieces are good sized.  

In this case, these were the pieces that I found - 12 pieces of the pink paisley stripe that were either 20" long or 32" long, and then the 5 greens at the bottom of this first fabric.  I found a few more greens from my stash to add to the selection of greens in order to get blocks for a quilt top out of them.  Will need to add something else to them in all likelihood, but ultimately that will depend on what I do for the final design.

This pic below shows the initial idea I have for a layout for the quilt.   Haven't got a clue thought what I'd want to do in the middle 4 blocks if I were to do this layout.   I do have eight 5" long pieces of the border print left so I potentially could do 8 more blocks with them, and that would allow me to do a 4 by 5 setting.     Need to play with things before making all of the blocks.    
For the blocks with the paisley stripe I am using a new paper-piecing paper from Missouri Star Quilts.  You can read more about it here. (And no I don't get anything for a referral.)  The texture and weight remind me of onion skin paper from years gone by.  They come 10" square (there also 2 sizes of triangle papers available), so unfortunately won't go through a printer.

I think this will be easy to work with, but will post further comments on it once I've made some blocks with it.

And yes, I'm picky enough to be lining the middle of the paisley stripe up corner-to-corner on the paper.  =)


1. That I'm understanding the new-to-me process I'm learning at work these days.

2. For my needs always being supplied when and how I need, even when I don't see how things will work out.

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desertskyquilts said...

That's not picky, that's good design! Maybe as you make the blocks, an idea for the center will come to you.