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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Masks and Stash-Busting

One of the things that I had decided to do at the first of the year was to downsize some of the stash.....but had not thought I'd end up making a dent in my stash the way that I have this year.

Like many quilters, I've been busy making masks as a result of the pandemic.   They've been traveling to both coasts and lots of places in between.  there are two basic styles, altho several different patterns, for the masks that everyone is making.   Because elastic has been at a premium, I've been using t-shirt yarn for ear loops and ties.

 Pleated - with either ear loops or with ties.

And fitted - these I customize the fit by adjusting the side length to fit the wearers.

Current total of masks made is 310 masks made from cotton.   Each one takes roughly 1/8th of a yard of fabric.  So that means I've used almost 40 yds of fabric for them.   Mickey Mouse has been the most popular 'type', but lots of dog and cat prints as well have gone out of here.

I don't know how many more people will want to order, but I'm hoping to stay current on on future orders.

In the meantime, I'll actually have time to start working on other paying projects.


1. For the income that the masks brought in

2. For the stash that allowed me to make all of the masks.

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Susan said...

That is an amazing number of masks and a good payday, which you need without your company ... who is behind again, such a shock!