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Friday, January 17, 2014


.....Also known as a short attention span........In working on the wedding quilt one of the first things that I needed to was to make the strip sets for 36 of the 180 total blocks.   This meant that I needed at least 72 different strip sets because I don't want to duplicate them in the blocks.   Got those made, was able to cut 74 different strip sets for the blocks and had a bunch of the strips leftover.

Once done with that you'd think I'd go to work on making more blocks.....nope, I got distracted by all of the scrap strips that I had pulled out of the scrap bins several yrs ago.    I spent several hrs sewing together the rest of the strips into strip sets.  All sorts of shades of green and prints are in these strip sets.

I'll be cutting 4.5" wide sections from the sets and combining them to make 8.5" to 9" long strips.   I will need to pull some more strips to make some of the sections long enough, but i have more than enough scraps in the 2-gallon bag of green scraps to do that.   The plan is then to use my black scraps and put strips down both long sides to make an 8.5" unfinished block.   I've also found a pile of purple strips that I had bagged up at some point in the past that would make up good strip sets.  Those aren't sewn together yet, but I'm thinking that i would use them along with at least some of the green ones in a quilt along the lines of the sketch to the right.

I've put one block together, but I'm not sure after all of the black.   I was thinking it would make the strip sets pop, but it didn't really do the job.   The lighter greens looked ok, but the darker ones didn't really show up against the black.   And I know there are a lot of darker greens in the strips sets.   So  because I want them to all show up I'm going change the black something else instead.    Am thinking of either using a WOW or COC, or using the purple strips for the outside strips of the blocks.   Then just alternating directions of the blocks to put them together.  Which do you think would be more fun?

Using the green and purple together isn't necessarily my normal choice, but I figure that nature puts them together in lovely combinations so why can't I? 

Gratitudes -

1. Nice 2-hr delay for the start of school today meant that I could work on writing this post.

2.  For the $100 Amazon gift card that I won in a contest.  =)

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desertskyquilts said...

Oh, yeah, purple and green. You'll have to be careful not to put really dark purples on blocks with really dark greens on the adjoining parts, but I think it will be perfect! Or like the sketch, that will be good, too.