"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Making progress.....

Thanks to having 5 snow days this week I've been able to get more sewing done.....yippee.   Finished the two quilt tops pictured in the previous post then made block #22 for my batik garden series of blocks.   I think finishing this block finished up what I'm going to do with the orange batik scraps because I don't have enough variety to make another block.    I do have a layout for that uses 18 blocks set on point, so that is probably what I'll use to set these blocks.   So the orange, yellow, and brown blocks will be going into that.

Next up are the baggies of blue, purple, pink, and green batik scraps.   I've got a stack of the pp'd sections printed out and just need to decide what color I want to work on using up next. 

I also got quite a bit of work in on the wedding quilt this weekend while out of school.    First up was completing 10 blocks of one of the three types of blocks that I need for this quilt.   All blocks are 6" finished in size and I'm paper-piecing all of them in order to keep them at a consistent size and to have the points line up like they need to.     I need to make a total of 180 blocks for the quilt, and have finished 12, so that makes me 6.67% done with the blocks.  =)    

I also sewed what seemed like a bazillion different strip sets, so I could cut 75 or so different sections that are 7" in length for the 36 pieced flying geese blocks in the quilt.   Ended up with a lot of pieced strips still left over so I have a good start on my next scrappy quilt and have a plan in mind for them.  =)  I also spent a lot of time cutting sections of assorted green fabrics to use in the 100+ blocks that have solid flying geese in them.  I'm up 50 or so different fabrics for each of the two different blocks that I need to make for the quilt.   Still have a bag of scraps that I need to look through and see if I can find more pieces that are big enough.  

Still to be precut are the background fabrics, well at least enough to continue sewing with.   this quilt will put a dent in all of the lovely ones that I've been collecting the last couple of years.

1. For being able to 'shop' in my stash instead of having to go buy all new fabric when I want or need to start a new project.
2. For the enjoyment that comes from designing and quilting.


Farm Quilter said...

Love all your blocks!!! I agree, I love to shop my stash!! Of course, I think I have more than some shops :)

desertskyquilts said...

Send me an SOS if you need scraps of something. I really like the center in your friendship star - great scrap use-up!