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Friday, September 19, 2014

Orphans no longer

I'm still working on finishing up some of the baby bibs that I've had in progress for years.  

13 more bibs have been finished for a total of almost 2 dozen so far.   Most of the ones finished in this bunch stand alone as bibs without  any additional trim or embellishments.     But I did use three small orphan blocks to decorate three bibs.   All different hats, they will eventually go a baby boy sometime.   Still have 30-something yet to finish up if I use all the wash-cloths that I have set aside.   Haven't decided if I'm going to do that or not.   Will eventually use all the 'pretty' ones, it's just the solid ones that need embellishing that I've got mixed feelings about.   Of course that could be just because I'm getting bored doing them.....lol.

Why do I have so many you ask?  Well, there for a while it seemed like all of my married friends were having babies.   And the time just wasn't there to make baby quilts for everyone so I got started on making baby bibs for them.   And as these things go, I saw lots of cute bibs (prints or colors) that would make great bibs so I bought them a few at a time.  Just never got them made up.....sigh......  the new babies have slowed down now but I still need baby gifts every so often so I try to keep some made up and on hand to pull a quick gift from.

What do you make up ahead of time for quick and easy gifts?

1. The weekend is almost here!
2. For students that want to learn how to do something right even when it's a hard topic.


Farm Quilter said...

Your bibs are adorable! I usually have a baby quilt ready to go at all times!

desertskyquilts said...

Nothing. I'm always behind. =) These look really cute, all of them. I can see how you would get bored after two dozen, though!

You remind me I need washcloths. After Paul's sojourn, I'm down to two half-decent ones. Trip to Dillard's next week to see what I can find on sale. Matching? Who cares!

knitnkwilt said...

I wish I had things made up for quick gifts! Never seems to happen.