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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Swap block finished

I'm in a Row-by-row swap that is looking like it'll be a lot of fun.   An online friend is designing it and Deana does great work.    You can find details on the swap Blog.   And by scrolling down you can see the blocks that have been made in September by clicking here.

The theme of the quilt is "A Quilter's Garden" and the first row has 4 different sewing machine blocks.  

To the left is the one block i've managed to get done to swap this month.   And believe it or not, I even hand appliqued the body down......I know shock of shocks.  What can I say - i never said I can't do it....I just normally choose to not do it because it's too slow for me....lol.      I do plan on making one more for myself from the same fabrics, but have been feeling so cruddy that it isn't started yet.   I do plan on doing machine applique tho on mine for the body.


1. New meds from my doc that will hopefully get rid of the bronchitis and the skin infection.
2. a long weekend with an extra day off from school and only two weeks away from Fall break!


Anonymous said...

It looks very cute. I saw it first on DOD. I got my second one machine appliqued this morning, but details aren't done on either one. I do like the batik you chose for the machine.

Anonymous said...

Your block is so cute. I hope you are feeling better soon. Please be careful if you are taking different antibiotics for your bronchitis and skin infection. My husband had the same thing earlier this year and took 2 antibiotics at the same time and ended up with c-diff, a terrible colon infection. It took six months for him to get well and it wasn't a very pleasant six months.