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Monday, July 11, 2016

Can't decide which to use...............

As I posted before I have 7 rows finished out of 8 for the row-by-row quilt.  

Most of the rows play nicely together, and the one that doesn't fit will be my quilt label.

I've got one more vertical coming from my friend Susan in TN, and several rows coming from my friend Susan in PA.   Not sure what orientation the ones from PA are.   I want to add another row or two from TX, but not sure which ones to.   What I have a choice of is shown below..........

The first possibility - a paper-pieced version of the dallas skyline.

 Then two applique possibilities - the first with a mockingbird, nest and eggs on the TX flag.   Am leaning towards adding this one.   Also have a row that features the Dallas skyline and other things from around Dallas.   Both are machine appliqued.

the last pattern is one from a store in Kansas.  I like this row and the pieced blocks in it, but think the coloring is too light to really fit well with the other rows.

What say you about the choices that I've got?


1. Everything went well when I turned in my resignation and notice at the apts today.

2. Final amt due for teh apartment is only for the rent for the days I'll be here....no penalty!   What a blessing.


desertskyquilts said...

Can you make that last row with darker fabrics and have it fit in? The row with the bears and tents isn't all that dark, so maybe that would work? Or just substitute brown for the blues? The second Dallas one would probably take less work than the first one. We have one here with the Knoxville skyline, too. I've seen a few cities do that, and it's really neat, I think.

PeggyB said...

Great progress. I concur with Desertsky make the Kansas row with fabrics that are in similar colors to the rest of your rows.

Nancy in IN said...

I like the skyline; colors seem to go with last row.
Great progress on to do list.
Yea for no cost for cancelling apartment.

Marian said...

Great rows, I to would go with a darker fabric.