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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Row-by-Row status

I've now finished 7 rows for my row-by-row quilt.  the last row completed being this one from the Stitches Quilt Shop in McPherson Kansas.

The bottom picture shows all 7 rows together.   The bottom row doesn't really fit with the others, so I will be using it on the back as my label for the quilt.   Lots of room on there to write out which stores the rows came from for documentation.  

And yes the one row that I goofed up on has been fixed even tho it doesn't show in the pic below.

I do plan on trying to turn it in, but will have to wait till I'm in TX before doing so because if I'm the first to turn it in at a store it has to hang there till the end of october before I get it back.   Can't manage to do that here in WY since I'll be 1200 miles away.

1. I'm not working a FT job at the same time as I have to pack!

2. I'll be soon away from the school here and all of the drama and headaches associated with it.

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desertskyquilts said...

They are so cute together. Love that 7th row. Yes, the bottom row makes the perfect label! Mailing your kit for SPOOL today. Bright red envelope. Reused by KTJ, now reused by me. LOL