"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Friday, July 29, 2016

Goals and to-do's, July 29th

I know I've made progress....but sometimes it feels like I haven't done as much as I need to.   Gotta use these to keep me on track the final 3 weeks before leaving here.


1. Start getting boxes out of storage room and to Apt - Not done
2. Gather stuff for Goodwill and take to store in Cheyenne. - Second car load taken to Goodwill, third load of stuff in progress
3. Email with realtor about rental possibilities - Ongoing.........
4. Turn in address change at PO - To be done on the 5th..
5. Get labor for loading the moving van - DONE!
6. Reserve moving van - DONE!
7. Arrange for utility turn-on after getting rental house - Not done since I still don't have a place to rent

Rooms to Pack:
1. Bathroom - Almost done, just the basics left to toss in a tote at the last minute
2. Storage - Completed
3. Fabric Stash Room - Finished!
4. Kitchen - Not started
5. Pantry - Started, but I am using up stuff in it
6. Sewing Room - Just barely started
7. Living Room - Almost Done
8. Bedroom - DONE!


1. Clean bathroom (tub) - Done
2. Email Ann - Still not done
3. Clean ceiling fan - Done
4. Finish cleaning floors - Will be done after everything is loaded on the moving van
5. Clean baseboards - Not started
6. Clean Window Sills
7. Clean Windows
8. Clean Refrigerator
9. Vacuum


1. Make at least 15 scrub tops to send to customer -  Have 12 tops completed, Hoping to get more made before I have to move
2. Make the 3 August blocks for the F2F swap - Finished and mailed off today
4. Quilt Row-by-Row quilt - Finished!
5. Turn in Row-by-row quilt for prize (turn in Wy or TX) - Still not done...but hopefully next week
6. Make the 54 'petal' units needed for the sashing on the final Mod Quilts quilt top - still only have 3 of 54 made
7. Make the final quilt for Mod Quilt Contest 
8. Make backings and bindings for quilt tops for Sunshine - not started
9. Work on flag block sections - 5 made, 8 sections left to go 


1. Platelets are holding at a low normal level!

2. Knowing that God will provide the right place for me to live, even if it doesn't come before I get to Texas.

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