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Monday, September 19, 2016

More Setting Blocks

I worked a bit more on using the leftover PP'd block patterns from this pattern.    I had made the quilt for myself years ago in many blue and shirting fabrics.   My friend Susan quilted it for me on her Long arm.

McCalls was generous in the number of block patterns that they supplied, and even after making a quilt that was almost king-sized.   It is those extra patterns that I'm using now to make blocks that I'll use to fill in on the 2-3 Am Hero quilts that I'm in the process of making using the F2F blocks that I'm receiving and all of the RWB blocks that I've accumulated over the last several years as I've tested my block patterns.

Todays work included two strips of HST's, a large HST that just needed trimming to size, and a diamond block.   All of these started with scraps that were already cut to the approximate size that I needed for the blocks.  =)

I also started working on the tshirt pillows and then realized I'd forgotten to put the interfacing on the back of them.....ooops...........


1. Good friends here in the Dallas area.

2. The new job that I'm enjoying.

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desertskyquilts said...

Those pieces look so crisp and pretty. I made another block for you this morning - also terrible. I'm going to send them anyway, but before the swap is over, I'll send three good ones. I tried to follow someone else's methods today, and it was ... well, barely salvageable. =P