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Saturday, September 24, 2016

T-Shirts for Reunion, part 1

This year is my 40th HS reunion.....it doesn't seem possible in many ways that is possible to have been that many years since graduation.    But that's beside the point.....  A few months ago when planning started for the reunion, I said that if someone could get me some HS t-shirts I'd make some t-shirt pillows for the silent raffle.  

Well the t-shirts came 10 days ago or so....and I'm now in the midst of making 5 or so pillows.   Also included in the box were 2 embroidered hats, that I'm still thinking about how to use.   At the moment I'm thinking they will end up appliqued on the backs of a couple of the pillows.

I've finished two of the pillows and like how they turned out.    Am currently working on the next two of them and have enough for 2 more pillows.  

The real fun will be trying to get these compacted enough to fit in my carry on suitcase..........lol.....that could be real run.    And yes I thought about getting the forms after I get to CA next weekend, but I had 60% off coupons that needed to be used and that saved me a bundle on them (the cost of the material is my donation......).

1. The edema I've been fighting is somewhat better, I'm learning that I've become super sensitive to salt (was always sensitive), hoping that watching that even closer will help.

2. Another bill has been paid off!


desertskyquilts said...

Congratulations on being partway there! And on another bill paid off. Yay!

Nancy in IN said...

So cute. I need to do this with all the t-shirts I have of grands and sons.
PTL for good medical and paying off bills.
Have a great time at reunion.