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Monday, January 30, 2017

A New Year of Sorting and Cleaning

Those that know me, know that I keep a spreadsheet of what I'm working on in my sewing and quilting.   I track stages of where things are, what's completed, what has been donated, UFO's, etc....  Haven't always been so organized tho about how I stored things.

One of the things I did this weekend was to get my completed tops all together in one tote (they were in two big ones).  And to make sure that my spreadsheet was up-to-date, I went through the listing of completed tops and checked off what was in the totes.  6 or so tops are headed off to Sunshine, and I have 4 tops ready to go to American Heroes.  Aiming to get all of those out in the mail this week.

Net result - 12 completed tops that weren't on the list, oops....and 10 or so tops that are on the list that I can't find.....argh.   I'm hoping some of those I had already donated to Sunshine Quilts where they were supposed to have gone in the past couple of  yrs.   If not, I'm wondering what I did with them and when they'll show up....lol.   And yes, not knowing what happened to them is driving me nuts.

Meanwhile, I was left with about 30 or so quilt tops that are finished and just need to be quilted.  Pulled the smallest one out, a table runner, to finish up next because I can manage to pin that one on my cutting station.  Nope, this wasn't on the list of what I wanted to accomplish this year, but it will be nice to have another UFO completed.  =)

Now the question is, should I leave the ones that I couldn't find on my spreadsheet for this year (some were there last year as missing) or just delete them off and re-add them later if they resurface.

All of this reinforces my need to go through the boxes and totes this coming year so that I can downsize some of it and get a handle on the rest of it.  I am slowly working through some of my tote fabrics and making up 1-2 a week.   I've got a 1 or 2 totes plus a box full of them that I still like and I really want to work through the box and empty it.  They only take an hr or two to make, so slow and steady will get me there.

Next up, going through a mangled box from the storage room outside and bring the tote full of cut scrub tops downstairs so that I will actually work on them!


1. Warm weather today - in the mid-70's!

2. Move is accomplished at work and I have an office with a window.   =)


desertskyquilts said...

Oh, delete them. If they turn up, you can always add them back.

Nancy in IN said...

I would add another sheet titled missing, move them there so I didn't see all the time. If/when show up, add back without having to retype.