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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Chasing squirrels...........

With a deadline to getting my challenge quilt done you'd think that I would be focused on working on it and not allowing anything else to distract me.    Ummmmm, nope.....I've been like the dog who is chewing on a favorite toy and then gets distracted by squirrels and races off after them.    I am totally easy to distract.

In my case, it was fabrics that didn't fit into boxes or the big totes as I was working to go through my non-quilting fabric stash.  And if I'm honest, the sorting was also a "squirrel"....sigh.   First two "squirrels" I worked on (and completed!!!) were three tote bags - two of the green tie-dye print and the zebra print one.   These will go into my gift totes for future homes.   Although I've thought about making enough up to be in a craft fair at the end of the year.  

Green print fabric is a heavier weight cotton.

Zebra print with pink done with 54" wide upholstery fabric.

And yes, I did get work done on my challenge quilt which is good because I'm going to deliver it in person to the gal who coordinates delivery to the show personnel.  Canoe is pinned approximately where it is going to go.   I need to find a heavy weight needle in order to hand stitch it on.  Will do that after I get all the water on.   I'll be starting at the bottom with the "calm" water and working upwards as I do that.   The plan for tonight includes making good progress on that.


1. Good weather

2. Safety in driving home even with horrible traffic this evening

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desertskyquilts said...

Squirrel work is good! I hope you made progress on the challenge quilt when you got to it. =)