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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Scrappy possibilities

I've been considering what I want to work on as my next scrappy quilt.    Some of the things I've considered include these free charts that I've found online -

A Panda bear (need more TOT blacks for this one) -
 Another wolf.  This one would require scaling down someway to keep from having to use 1" finished squares.
 This could be split into two different ones.......
 Love this scene, but I would have to work with it to get it to a doable size.

I like this horse head, but need to figure out if I'd have to resketch it to get it to a doable size.

The tribal style in this wolf might be fun to work up.

 And for a change of pace these tulips.  Size would have be adjusted though for the length for a doable size.

Still mulling around ideas........might have to dig out my cross-stitch books and charts to see what i've got.

You guys have any ideas of things that might translate well?


1. I have the keys to the house!

2. A long holiday weekend is coming up.


Suze said...

First, congrats on having the keys to the house. What an accomplishment! Second, I love the ideas for another quilt. I especially like the tulips. What great ideas! I was watching jeopardy yesterday and the category was either - minding or watching - "your p's and q's" - one of the clues was a pictures with the verbiage as to what the object was - It was a patchwork quilt. I thought that was great exposure for the hobby. Again, I'm thrilled you have the keys to the house. It's a great new beginning.

Susan said...

You may need to adjust to working with 1.5" squares! I do like the wolf toward the bottom. I actually like the top-most one, too, but definitely would require some way of making it smaller. the wolf coming from the horse's mane - that could be done as two pieces, but I love the merged one. Way too big!

So you have to create a new art form where, possibly, you stuff little pieces of fabric into canvas to make the picture. Or try using snippits which are ironed down and then stitched over?