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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

String Blocks

I love making quilts with many different fabrics in them.   No, they aren't all scrap quilts in the truest sense of the idea because I'll cut pieces from fat-quarters or yardage to get the tones & colors that I need.  But at the same time I hate getting rid of my scraps because they add so much fun and life to my quilts.

I save almost all of my scraps as a result.  Scraps that get used in my applique blocks and ones that get trimmed further down into usable sizes.

One of the things that I do is to take similar width scraps and sew them together to form strips and chunks of fabric that I then use for things such as sashing.   One example is this quilt that I made years ago.   I used longer, but narrow green strips to form the center panel of the quilt and hen bordered it out to get the final size that I wanted.  I then appliqued flowers on top of it for added interest.

Recently I came across a 1-gallon sized ziploc bag of small green scrap strips that I had pulled together years ago and then never done anything with.  Instead of just tucking them into one of the packed  scrap bins that I have at present I decided to do something with them.

I added flower appliques to the blocks and then trimmed the blocks to a finished size of 10".   Flower shapes were made by using two different cookie cutters as templates.  Fabrics for the flowers came from the bag of scraps that already have Wonder-Under ironed onto them

For now these will go into the tote that has other string "fabrics".  I'm not sure what I'll eventually do with them.


1. Living room is packed and the kitchen is started.

2. I've been able to make headway on getting projects finished up before the move.


Joyce Carter said...

I absolutely love the green blocks. Green is my favorite color and I love how you added the flowers to the blocks. I wouldn't have thought of doing this. Great idea!

Karrin Hurd said...

Love the blocks Moira. Good lick with the packing!

Anonymous said...

You could make MORE green flowered scrap blocks and have a fabulous quilt! I love those blocks, and the one you used the strips for the center. Always something beautiful from you. I'm glad you are making progress on the packing. Wish I lived close enough to help - 'cause you know I'd be a lot of help. =)

joanne W said...

I love what you have done with this strings and scraps! Maybe I should branch out and color coordinate mine too.

ShirleyC said...

I love the idea of the flower appliques to add some color and fun to the quilts!