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Sunday, January 25, 2015

2015 Mystery Quilt, Step 2 Clarification

I had a friend ask me about the fabrics used for this step.  The entire quilt is set up to use 2 "neutrals" and 6 different coordinating fabrics.  

The dark green I used in step 1 for the block borders was one of my neutrals (I have a dk green and a dk pink for them). 

For this step I used one of the floral prints (one of my coordinates) for the addition to be made second step.

In the future, I'll just tell you to choose one or more of the coordinates w/o telling what "number" coordinate to pic.   However, all six will be used but I'll let you decide what order to put them in.
Following steps will be using multiple of the coordinates and/or the neutrals to complete it.  

But above all things, you can always truly decide what colors you want to use and differ from my instructions.  =)

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