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Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Mystery Quilt Starting Next Week

Because I don't have my next BOM designed yet, but still am mulling over ideas for it I decided to start this year off with a mystery quilt.   I'll be posting more 

For those that know me really well, they know that my quilt designing/creating normally doesn't fall into a free-form, modern kind of style.  But everyone once in a while I like to challenge myself to do something different.   The mystery quilt came about as a result of research that I was doing on the internet looking for instant challenges that I could use in my engineering classes with the kids as I teach.    The one I found was written for an art class, but it gave me the basis for challenging myself to growing in my freedom of design, especially in a non-geometric type basis.

The Basis of this Mystery Quilt -
1. Each step of the mystery will be given every two weeks.  First steps will be posted on 1/11/15.

2. Each step of the mystery will specify something to be added to the quilt, but it will not specify how it is to be added or what size to be added.  You will be able to use whatever method you want to use - piecing (hand or machine), applique (hand, machine, fusible), etc.   

3. There will be 6 steps in the mystery quilt, not counting the border and finishing of it.

4, The Goal of this mystery quilt is to grow your free-form design skills  without stressing about it,

5. Remember in this mystery there is no "right answer" for what your quilt will end up looking like.  Each quilt is meant to be the creators own personal creation and no two quilts will look alike!

6. I will post pics of what I do before each following step is posted, but I won't post them with the instructions because I want to give everyone a chance to bring their inner designer to the forefront of their process.

Finished Size of Quilt - without borders the quilt will be 30" by 45".  Borders will bring it up lap quilt size.   I will be posting what I do for borders (after I figure that out....lol....) but you'll also be able to do whatever you want to do for the borders as well.

Fabrics required for the quilt - 

Background fabric (a tone-on-tone, solid, small scale print or neutral) - 1 1/2 yards
     Note: You want this to be something that the other fabrics will show up against instead of blending into.

Dark "Neutral" - Should work well with the background fabric - 1/2 yd

Light to Medium "Neutral" - Also needs to work well with the background fabric - 1/2 yard

Coordinating Fabrics - 6 different fabrics or colors, you'll be able to use scraps to FQ's for these.

Border fabric - the border for this has not been decided on yet, so I don't have measurements for this at the current time.

The fabrics that I'm using in the quilt this time are shown to the right.  My color inspiration came from the chevron print that I found out in Arizona at Christmas time.   I still need to pull a darker green as well, but haven't done that yet.  

I will be using my inspiration fabric in the quilt as well, and then most likely in the eventual border as well.
The greens and the two smaller pinks are from my scraps, the other three pinks are yardage.  

My background fabrics are two different white-on-white prints that I had here.    (Surprised?   What can I say, I like multi-fabric quilts....lol.)

So are you game to work the mystery quilt with me?  Leave me a comment and let me know - I'd love to hear from you!

1. It's a new year and so far no repeat of last years major snow storm!

2. I have a job to go back to tomorrow as school starts up.   Something I don't take for granted.


sophie said...

I have been resisting-resisting-resisting every new mystery and QAL I've seen ... but I don't think I can resist this one ... I'm in.

dq said...

Moira, I am interested, not committed yet, but interested. It honestly sounds like something up my alley. I have a big list right now so I am weighing it out.

Also, I'd love to do something with Sophie too - you're awesome Sophie!

desertskyquilts said...

Love the fabric you are using on this version!

Dot said...

I'm interested too, but not yet committed...let's see what I finish before the first clue LOL

dacollari2 said...

Your concept seems interesting...I'll try to stop back on 1/11.

Sharon said...

Well this sounds really enticing so I am in.

Becky said...

Sounds interesting. I'll set up to follow you so I don't miss the first clue. Oops, you aren't set up for RSS feed. Please post in Stashbusters when the first clue is up. Thanks for the fun.

Anonymous said...

I would love to try this out and learn some new techniques

Ila Turner said...

I'm so happy to see this, I've posted it to a few of my Yahoo Groups and hope to see some of my friends here as well. I hope my health will cooperate and I can sew along. Thanks, Moira,

PS Where are the pics from the Towel Quilts from 2014 please?

Ila in Maine

earth visitor said...

I love mysteries - I try to keep up, but health issues cause me to fall behind at times - but I really enjoy working on them

GG said...

I have a question or two- As I read over the Fabric Requirements- I think I assumed Dark, medium to light 'Neutrals'
were pertaining to the neutrals from cream to browns. That's not what you mean, right?
Could you tell me in your fabric palette
which are the 'neutrals'? Thanks so much!
I think I may try this but need to be clear (on my end) what I'm doing.
One more thing to ask-my eyesight is beginning to give me some trouble, I wonder if the print size could be a lot bigger? My email is onlygg@comcast.net

Nancy in IN said...

Sounds like a good way to use stash. Hope I can find what I want.
Love yours.

LindaVee said...

Oh Boy! Something different!!! I can't wait to start on this. Off to the fabric store again. Thank you.

Cyra said...

Count me in. Sounds right up my alley. I love free form of all descriptions.

Farm Quilter said...

Sounds like fun!!! I'll do this one :)

Ila Turner said...

In response to GG and the print size I'm right there with you. To make the print larger hold down the CTRL key and roll your mouse key. Rolling the key forward makes the print larger, rolling it back makes it smaller. I was having problems with colors also, but my daughter came up with what I think is a brilliant solution. A Kleenex box that is done in gradient colors - starting with a light neutral and going forward to a very dark neutral all in one color scheme. So I'm all set for color now and have my fabric and I'm looking forward to this. HTH

sherrie said...

I'm new to quilting so I hope I can keep up and do my quilt well. Looks like fun. But sometimes I'm a read the last page of a book to see how it ends up kind of person. I still read the book buy know where it is taken me. Lol

Ann Drake said...

I will sew with you, Moira. Ann D. from Sunshine

carla said...

Hi!!!! I love your name!!!! Very pretty!!! I have decided to jump in with you all!!!! Sounds like so much fun!!!! I am a little late to the party..but hey!!! Never too late for fun!!!! I am going to do part one tonight or in the morning because I don't want to look till I get number one done!!!! So fun!!!! Thank You!!!!