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Thursday, January 22, 2015

London Tea Towel Quilt Progress....

And the quilt has finally decided to start cooperating again with me.  

I've cut the scenes in the towel apart and fused them to a cream tone-on-tone fabric.  Squares are based on a 3" finished grid to help make things easier to put together in the end.   I then satin-stitched around the edges of the scenes with a matching thread.

Now to figure out what to use to fill in the empty spaces.  I know I'll be adding some fabrics that I received from a reader of my blog in England.   Just not sure how I'm going to feature them.


1. 2-hr delay today and a 'snow' day yesterday meant that I could get some quilting done.

2. Yet another med has been prescribed to try to lick the sinus infection.   Thankful it is one that hasn't caused side effects so far.

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desertskyquilts said...

I missed this one somehow! It looks great. Quilting mine and binding it is on my list of UFOs to do this year.