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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sewing again.....yeah!

Finally some quilting to show, I began to think I'd never managed to get anything done this semester.   And well I've not gotten anything done on the commissioned sewing that I have to do but that's another story altogether.   Hmmm, maybe that's what I should multi-task with during my online class......lol.

First thing completed was a block for a friend who moved.   The pattern was out of an earlier volume of 100 Blocks by Top Designers and is a chicken.   All who made blocks and the recipient are part of a list called "QuiltChicks" hence the chicken block.

Second block completed was a 20" block that is destined for a quilt for Down's Syndrome kids at the church my friend attends in the Indy area.

The quilt squares are  going into a quilted book I think.....but maybe in a quilt.  Not real sure about that.    They are representing scenes from the Bible that relate to the letter of the alphabet.   I volunteered to make two of the blocks - "M" and "R".   The pic to the left shows the completed "M" block.   The manger is brown velveteen, the baby Jesus is felt and is on a ribbon so it can be removed and put back into the manger.   The angels at the top have felt bodies and faces and gold lame wings.   The star is also felt.  

The "R" block will be of the Red Sea opening up for Moses.   I've got some ideas for it just need to find one more fabric so that I can work on it.

The next pic shows the quilt top I put together from brown and cream tonal strings.  At this point it is 40" square.   I still need to add a border to the quilt top.   It will be donated to Sunshine Quilts.

The next quilt top I finished up in the last week started life as a set of four pillow panels.   I've had them more than 10 years now and struggle to know what to do with them.   Finally realized that the colored strings that were with the brown ones above where the perfect colors to go with the panels.  A cream-on-cream and navy Kona round out the fabrics in this quilt top.   It is about 49" square and will be donated to Sunshine.

The top I finished up this morning started life as a small stack of scraps of the bunny fabric given to my be a friend.  I added a white-on-white fabric for the sashing, and the pink and turquoise fabrics.    This finished out at 40" square and will be donated to Sunshine.


1. A house that doesn't have too many cold spots in it.

2. For the insurance that is available to me through my job.


dq said...

I like your bunny fabric quilt.

desertskyquilts said...

Your chicken is adorable! She's going to have a darling quilt. I didn't want to send mine when it was done. LOL Unless you need that strippy quilt bigger, I don't see why it needs borders. It looks great as is. You've done a lot in the last 7 days!

swooze said...

Love the chicjen block. I really like the pink and turquoise quilt. Very bright and cheery!

edith csokmay said...

The chicken block is adorable. And I love the quilt blocks for the letters of the alphabet. What a sweet project. I've got some pillow panels from my mom - what a great idea :)

edith csokmay said...

I love the chicken block. Very productive week. And how clever to use the pillow panels in a quilt. I have several gifted to me from my mom-may have to borrow your idea :)