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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Completed Quilt Top and a Short Tutorial

Finished the quilt I've been working on using the scraps of novelty print fabrics.  I figure these scraps cost as much as the yardage did so I wasn't going to waste more of them than I had to.  =)

To make the quilt I followed the following basic steps:

First --
I took the novelty print scraps that I had left over after cutting swatch sets from over 100 different fabrics.   These were all 6.5" tall, but different widths.   I then trimmed them into the largest rectangles that I could get out of the fabrics.   Sizes ranged from 2" wide to approximately 4.5" wide.

Second --
I pulled out a bag of solid black scraps and started cutting 2.5" by 6.5" strips to use between the novelty print fabrics.

Third --
I sewed pairs of black rectangle and a novelty print together.   Then sewed them together to form the rows.   In making the rows I estimated the size at roughly 36" and played with how the novelties and the black laid out to get a random look.  Seams were all pressed the same direction for all of the rows.  You'll need to watch the direction your fabrics layout if they are directional prints in this step.

Fourth --
Once the rows were together, I alternated the pieced rows with 2" cut rows of black solid fabric (also from the scrap bag). until the center was about 50" or so long.  The Solid black rows begin and end the center.

Fifth --
I added 5" cut borders to both ends of the quilt.  Make sure if you are using a directional print that both ends are going in the direction.

Sixth --
I added a 2.5" border around the outside of the quilt for the final border.

Final size of this quilt is approximately 42" wide by 66" long.

This is a quilt that you can customize to whatever size scraps that you want to use in it.   The pieced rows don't even have to be the same height as each other.

1. Good weather is forecast for today as I head to Casper for doc appts today and tomorrow.

2. Finished off my first two projects for the PT proof-reading job.

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desertskyquilts said...

Hope you had a safe driving day! Thanks for the steps of putting this together. This may be a way I use up some scraps quickly!