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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Inspiration and certifiable......

The February traditional block chosen by Modern Quilts Unlimited for the contest this month was the rail fence.   A very simple, and often times uninspiring block choice for me.    As it happens though, I had been searching the internet for inspiration for a project that I can't even remember what it was now.  (Ever have one of those days?) The inspiration photo that I found was one of the airport tower for the Harare International Airport in Zimbabwe Africa.

I loved the overlapping rows of triangles and inset windows.  Took me a few days to figure out how to sketch it and then piece it.  But once that happened I was able to get my pattern drawn up.  Unlike some months blocks the color choice just flowed this month and fell into place.   That might be because I'd been trying to use these colors for several months now and they just hadn't felt right in any of the blocks.  I'm loving them though in this one.  =)

The block pattern has 48 individual pieces of fabric in each 6" section of the final 12" finished block.  That makes for a total of 192 pieces in the final block.   And yes, the background pieces are about the size of a quarter.   Easy sewing, but time consuming - I may be certifiable by the time I'm through...LOL....

Have made two strips and the only thing I'm debating about now is if the fabric at the bottom is too light for the right kind of color progression.   I'll be out of town this weekend and will be stopping by  a couple of new-to-me quilt stores, so I'll check to see if they have anything that might fit better before going on with the piecing.

1. For all the blessings of marked down food that God has provided lately.   Lots of good eats in it.

2. For the blessing of the part-time job that is interesting and takes me back to the days of my undergrad degrees in electronics and past work experience in QA as i get ready to submit my first timesheet.  =)

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desertskyquilts said...

I like your final color choices (final minus one possible change, of course!). The paper makes it look possible, but counting the pieces would have made me quit right there. LOL