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Sunday, March 20, 2016

National Quilt Day/Weekend Sewing

Been busy sewing and quilting this weekend.  

One of the biggest things accomplished this weekend is that I finished the quilting of the T-Shirt quilt!   Even managed to fight through getting the middle three blocks quilted on my little Kenmore.  Had intended to do them on the midarm...but in ordering the replacement bobbin case I forgot that the bobbins for the critter are in the same place as the missing bobbin case and didn't order them.   Oops, still need to do that because I've got a couple of other quilts that need to be quilted and I may try to do them on the mid-arm.   Will get the binding done and on the first part of this week so that I can work on hand-stitching it down this week when I'll be in Casper for 2 days of doctor/chemo stuff and then down in Cheyenne for errands there.     Also on the plate for the same commission are the remaining four t-shirt pillows that need to be done for my customer.   Tops are in progress on those and thankfully won't take long to finish up.

I also put together the novelty beach ball blocks into a top.   And then got the first border on it.   Now I'm trying to decide what color to use for the final border.  With all of the prints in the balls, I really want to use a solid or a tone-on-tone.   Just not sure what color,   Any ideas for me?

The instructions for the block can be found in this post.
 During this last chemo session I finished up this little cross-stitch kit that I've had for several years.   It will be going into a quilted postcard and eventually end up being sent to one of my friends.

And of course I end up thinking about new projects.   These are little sayings that quilters would like.  I'm debating about putting them into quilted postcards or into mug rugs for sale or for gifts.  =)

Other projects for spring break that are coming into being include the three leather knife sheaths, more scrub tops to be made so I can send a shipment off and possibly getting the next couple of quilts basted so I can get to work on quilting them.


1. Spring Break is this week....woohoo.........

2. Halfway through chemo, only 2 more rounds to go at this point.  Now if only my platelets would get the message and start behaving.

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desertskyquilts said...

Sounds like spring no-break to me. =) Congratulations on your progress on your commissions. How about either a warm brown/gold or a teal border on the beach balls? They look really good together! Hoping for the best outcome on the platelet numbers.