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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Kit or UFO?

I do a lot of fusible applique and occasionally I'll buy the laser-cut, pre-fused kits when I'm out doing things like the Row Hop.  But I usually don't buy kits as a rule because I've got the stash to make most anything.

However, probably 10+ years ago I bought a set of three laser cut appliques of the Christmas story designed by Dylis Fronks (the shepherds, the three wise men, and the nativity) to make into a wall hangings for myself.  You can see (or buy) all of the three that I have at this link. And I even bought two of the nativity one, although I'm not sure why.  And since buying them they've languished in my stash through 4 or 5 moves back and forth across the country.  Can't decide if they are a UFO since they are cut or just a kit because I bought them like this. 

At any rate, I found the extra nativity one this week and decided to actually get it made up intead of just sticking it back into the stash somewhere.  The applique is about 16" by 23" in size and comes all folded up in roughly the size of a piece of copy paper.   After so many years that leaves a lot of folds that are a pain to deal with.

But with coaxing and a hot iron ready to tack things down while working to straighten out the kinks, you finally end up with something that looks really nice.

I plan to stitch down the applique with a straight stitch around the edges and will use that to quilt it at the same time.  So the next step is to dig out material for the back of it after trimming the background to size.

The cover sheet for the applique shows this with a rounded top to the wall hanging, but I think I'm going to leave it as a rectangle to make binding easier.  I do plan to sell this one because I really don't need two of the same banner. 

This picture shows a quilted banner made with all three of the appliques by trimming off the rounded tops of two of the three and I really like the look to it.  I may take and finish mine in a similar manner.  It's actually one applique, but I can do the same thing by trimming away the upper parts of the pieces that I have.  I'll eventually make mine up.....gotta find them again somewhere....

So UFO or Kit?   Which would you say this is?

1. Cool fall weather has been here for a couple of days.

2. Made major process on a project at work this week.


Farm Quilter said...

Kit, definitely a kit! I really like the curved top on the banner, but I totally get that the binding would be easier if it was straight - not too many people like making bias binding!

edith csokmay said...

Thank you so much for sharing this post. I LOVE your idea of making it one wall hanging. I visited the site and they actually have one you can purchase that way - I did :) It is absolutely gorgeous.

Kit vs UFO - in my opinion, if it's not done and you've had it for a while, it's a UFO :) Just saying. . .

desertskyquilts said...

Whatever makes your numbers look good! =) I like the background on the one you found. This is nothing like I pictured the 3 together, though. I thought it would hang like a triptych.