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Sunday, October 8, 2017

There might be a scrap problem here.....

I admit it, working with a limited palette of fabrics drives me nuts.  So when working with a limited color palette such as several of the next scrappy critters, I end up using umpteen different fabrics in the colors chosen.  I stopped by my local quilt shop and found a bunch of new goodies in their scraps bin (an antique washing machine).  Quickly filled a couple of their ziploc while the owner of the shop was telling another customer about how full I can pack the bags and still get them to close.  =)

Those two bags of scraps expanded into these piles.   One of the bags was almost full with scraps of just one fabric, a lovely light blue & cream floral type print.  All I'll need to do with it is to add a cream total and trim up the blues and I'll have the foundation of a quilt.  Most of the pieces are large so lots of fabric to work with.   And the bottom left pile are greys which I don't have a lot of in my stash.

Then there were these hexies already sewn together.   And there were a stack of hexies that had been cut but not sewn together.  I plan to applique these onto a quilt top for Sunshine Quilt Guild.

The problem with the hexie sections is that whoever put them together  just overlapped and then did a satin-stitch over the edges.   Unfortunately because there was no stabilizer used the bias edges stretched.   So I'll be doing some frog stitching  and then stitch them back together the right way.........sometime............lol.

And the final set of blocks started out as pairs of squares sewn together.  They started out life as a charm pack, and then the shop didn't do anything more with them.  I've got them sewn together in 4 patches ready to trim to the same size.    These will also get put together for Sunshine.  Need to decide what color though to sash the blocks with first before I can do that.

1. For lots of scrappy fun yesterday

2. For the cooler weather yesterday


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