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Friday, June 23, 2017

New Scrap Projects Coming

A couple of new scrap projects are in the works.  The first will have me making progress on a quilt from these blocks.   They started with a couple of scrap bags ($1 each) that I bought last summer.  The pink stripe was in one and scraps of coordinating greens were in the second.  I added several greens from my stash that were in the same color family and the same intensity of green.

I'm piecing them on top of precut papers for string piecing so the blocks will be 10" unfinished.  Still need to decide what color I'm going to use for the triangles that I need to finish off these blocks.

The  remaining 2 types of blocks needed for the design that I'm planning on making will also be pieced on the same paper so that I can get all of the colors / fabrics to line up as shown in this sketch of the final design.  Once I've got the diagonal striped blocks done then I'll measure where the seams fall so that I can figure everything out.  And yes that type A personality is coming through there.  =)  

Color key here -

  •  The pink in the sketch is the pink stripe shown above.  Finished width in block is 4 inches.
  • The light yellow will be the scrappy, assorted medium grey-greens that I'm currently working with.  Fabric is cut at 2 1/2 inches wide.
  • The light green in the sketch is still to be decided.  Probably either a cream tonal or a very light grey-green.  Haven't decided.  I know I've got creams or something in that range that would work in my stash.....the green I might or might not have.

The second scrappy project will have me cutting 3 1/2 inch squares for a while.  I still need to decide what color(s) in my scraps though that I want to work on for these pups.  I know I have large quantities of greens and purples, along with lots left in the pinks.   Will have to think about it and decide.  I plan to start cutting for this one this weekend so I can start sewing things together next week in the mornings.  Need to count how many squares I need first though before cutting to make sure I get enough done.

Stay tuned for how these projects go.  

What kind of scrappy projects are you working on?


1. All my needs are always supplied, although not always as or when I think they should be!

2. Hot, humid day today to be followed with cooler weather tomorrow (and thunderstorms and rain...lol).


desertskyquilts said...

Oh, cute, cute, cute! Love the dogs. And the pink and green is really going to be wonderful.

Karen said...

The pink stripe is a very pretty fabric. Lucky you to find scrap bags of fabric. I rarely find any in the thrift stores.