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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pink Strings and Hat Boxes

As I was looking for pink scraps for the cat quilt I just finished the top for, I made the decision that I was not going to put the multitude of strips (partial and full width) back into the bag of scraps.   There just isn't any room for them!

pink strip setsSo I started sewing them together in lengths of 10-12 inches for the most part depending on the size strips I was working with.  Width varied from about 4 inches to  almost full width (~38").    The pic to the right shows the strip sets that I ended up with.

I've since cut them into 3.5 inch wide strips that I'll use to make blocks from....and ended up with 36 strips.  The left over uneven ends will be combined with more strips and then I'll use the resulting yardage to make applique hearts from it.

On Saturday I received these two hatbox blocks from Kate in Australia.  She had made them for a quilt that she has been working on for herself and they didn't fit with the rest of her blocks.   So she was kind enough to send them to me.

I think they will be lovely with whatever I do with the string strips sets.  And also think I need to make two more to give me at least 40 blocks for a quilt.  The only problem being I don't have any of the fabric Kate used for the window sashing.  So it would have to be something similar.  Since this is a scrappy quilt anyway, do you guys (my readers that is!) think that would be ok or should I see if I can find a close match to the grey polka dots?

I'm still thinking about how I want to make the blocks from the strip sets at this point so it will be a while before this quilt will be finished.

1. For being able to take scraps that are not real usable on their own and make something from them that will bring joy to someone else.

2. For lower humidity than yesterday!


desertskyquilts said...

Look at Amanda Jean's QAL. Perfect for what you are doing. I wouldn't worry about matching Kate's fabrics. Just make two with different fabrics, and it will be fine.

Kate Chiconi said...

There are loads of lovely grey and beige polka dot fabrics out there which would work just as well. I don't have any spare of the existing fabrics left, or I'd pass them on. I don't think it's too important to match the original fabrics, just use a couple of alternatives that blend. If you have a couple of blocks with each variant, it'll look 'meant'! Love your pink scrappy blocks too!