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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Row-Hopping, Day 1 -- Part 1

I know this should have been posted first, but I needed to get one more picture so I could show what I got.

First up was a stop at Thomas Sewing Center.  This is the store closest to where I live and one I hadn't been into before last week.  Half of the store is focused on Janome machines and everything to do with them, but it is a place that I can take my Elna for repairs and cleaning when needed.  Decent selection of fabric although not large.

Their row was the hot air balloons floating over the city.   I also picked up a couple of fabrics for the teddy bear blocks I've been making.

The second store I visited was Watt-A-Find in Mesquite.  I had been here to this store once before.  Half or a just a little less is for fabric.  The bulk of the store is focused on selling antiques and vintage furnishings.

I picked up the row pattern and then a really cool piece of fabric that I'll use in some of the hatbox blocks that I need to make to finish off that quilt.

1. the late paycheck was received finally

2. Long weekend coming up.

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desertskyquilts said...

That will go great with the hatboxes you have. Remember last year there were lots of bee and raccoon rows? This year, it seems to be hot air balloons, and I love those rows!