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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Scrappy Happy Fifteenth

As I've been trying to get things cleaned up and sorted out, I've been reminded of how much I need to use up or get rid of some of my scraps.  The refrain though that keeps going my head is that these scraps cost me as much as the yardage so I just can't toss them into the trash.......never mind the fact that some of them have been in these ziploc bags forever w/o being used.

That's a 2-gallon bag on the right that is stuffed full, and a 1-gallon on the left that is about half full.  These are just the pinks.  Lots of quilts potentially out of these two bags!  Unfortunately or Fortunately, several of my sorted scrap colors resemble this - I need to get busy!  lol

So I've found a couple of pictures for inspiration and have started cutting the squares that I need in order to make quilts similar to them.

And my inspiration pictures from Pinterest.   These were original kits from McCalls done in scrapbook type paper patchwork.  Squares were cut and then zigzagged together on top of card stock.  Squares were 1" in size when cut.   I'll be cutting 4.5" squares from my scraps.

Am making the one with two cats first.  Dark pinks for the cat on the right, medium pinks for the one on the left.  Haven't decided though if I'm going to put the heart in or not.  Or if I do, what color fabric I'm going to use for it.  Will applique the faces once it is all together.  What do you think about the heart - Should I add it?  If so, what color would you make it with the pinks shown below?  

Need to cut 7 more squares of the lighter range of pinks, and 3 more of the darker ones.   And then have four - 3/4 triangle blocks to make (2 for each cat) and I'll be able to start sewing it together.  Unfortunately, with all I've cut for this one I haven't made a dent in the pink scraps, but at least they are organized now.  =)
Then once that one is together, I plan to do this one next.  Same size squares.  Don't know on colors though for it yet.

And I'm linking up with Kate and others with this post as we all work with our scraps to make something beautiful.  Click Here to go to Kate's blog to see what she has been up to and to find the list of other blogs to check out.

1. My allergies are behaving better.  =)

2. Summer is here and it isn't as hot here as in Phoenix.  =)


Kate Chiconi said...

That cat piece is going to be such fun! Bravo on making a start on the scraps – I found it very liberating once I'd started, but getting going, MAN, that was hard! I just looked at the bits of fabric and wondered what I was supposed to do. I picked up a piece, sewed it to another, and I was away. Beginnings can be hard, but it feels SO good to use all those bits!

desertskyquilts said...

Both are so cute, Moira. I kinda like the heart, but color? Lavender maybe? Or just blue like the background? Yay, scraps used!

Nanette said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Moira. I was pleased to find you on Kate's scraphappy list as wasn't sure who you were :) Love your cats very much, and a great way to use your scraps.
And aren't you clever to convert the original zig zagged pattern to patchwork. I like the heart idea too.....opposite on the colour wheel?.....a nice green?