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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Potential layout for My Bears

While working on more of the extra bear blocks, especially the ones that are named after family members, I've been pondering how I wanted to set them together.

The latest two blocks completed are named after my maternal grandparents - Henry, who always brought home vine-ripened, yellow watermelons that he picked up at roadside farm stands when he was out hauling grain during the summer.   I miss those days.

The second one is Johnnie, named after my maternal grandmother.  She made quilts with the leftover scraps of polyester that she used for her clothing.   The quilt that this little bear is sitting on is an homage to her quilting and the pink that she loved so much.

 I've also made designs for 5 or 6 other family members and have more planned.   My plan is to take those finished sample blocks and put them together into a quilt for myself.  Would most likely put the final design into a pattern  as well.

My current thought is to have the final design look like an old-fashioned photo album.  The kind with the black corners that hold the photos on the album page.     Something along the lines of these test corners that I did last night.  Proportions are off on these because the cut out needs to be smaller, but similar.  Will have to applique them on because I'm using assorted backgrounds for the blocks.  And thinking of a medium gray for sashing around the blocks like what I've got on my design wall (seen in this picture).

What do you think of the layout possibility?

1. Headed to the dentist today to get the bone graft for the implant underway (yes the implant has to come out)

2. For the sweet friend who is bringing fresh, homemade soup over tonite so that I can have something to eat after the dental work this afternoon.

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desertskyquilts said...

Cutie patootie bears! I really do like those corners. The proportion seems fine to me.