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Friday, November 10, 2017

2018 BOM Sashing fabrics - heads up.........

I've found the fabrics that I'll be using for the sashing for the 2018 BOM that I'm designing. 

There will be three fabrics used for the 'sashing' and the sashing will be a part of each block.    For the quilt you'll need the following:

  • A green - will be used to show grass and leaves
  • a dk brown - for the "cages" in the zoo
  • a gray - for the "path" or "walkway" between the animals
The fabrics I'll be using are shown below.   I picked up one yard of each and that should be plenty for what is needed, although I will admit I have not calculated out yet exactly how much will be needed.  I'm hoping that I'll have enough of one of these for the binding as well.

1. For being able to find what I think will be good fabrics for the sashing on the BOM last weekend when out shop-hopping

2.  For feeling better as I lose the weight I need to.

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