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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Border Options on Sunshine Quilts

Still thinking about the borders for these blocks.   I have decided that they will end up in two different quilts instead of putting them all together in one quilt.

For borders, at the moment I'm thinking of doing an inner border of a golden yellow around the orange blocks.   Then followed by a final border of either the polka dot or a blue print.

Trying to decide which I like better - the blue seems to draw the blue background out,, while the other seems to highlight the fish.......but trying to make up my mind on which looks better.

Good thing that these don't have a deadline on them with me not being able to make my mind up.   Wish they'd "talk" to me...lol.


1. Spring is almost here

2. Making progress with the business stuff


Nancy Westerman said...

I like the border idea before using the polka dots. It separates the busy fabrics. Have you thought about a green in-between the two? To me.....the blue appears more adult like and the polka dots are geared more toward a child. They are both very nice. Can't wait to see the finish.

desertskyquilts said...

I feel your pain. These are both great border options. How big do you want the quilt to be? You could surround each of those big blocks with a different border, if you wanted to make baby quilts of them. =) A non-decision decision. LOL BTW, I recognize that polka dot!