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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I Tried, But.......

While I was at Quilt Con my friend and I visited three different quilt shops.   One of the lovely fabrics that I found at the last one was this polka dot fabric that I thought would go with the yellow and orange I remembered being in these UFO blocks (made by someone else) meant for Sunshine quilt.   And it does go well with those two colors....just not as well with the fishy print in the blocks...lol.

So now I'm debating whether putting an inner border would be enough to mean that I could use the fabric for a final border or if I need to find something else.    Any ideas?


1. A job where the management cares about the employees

2. The encouragement that comes from knowing people like my patterns

1 comment:

muis 2 said...

I'd try a plain blue................that fishy fabric is very busy!! ☺☺☺ Looking good so far! ♥