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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Using stabilizers for applique

For years when I've done satin-stitch applique I've used stitch-n-tear by Pellon as my stabilizer so that the block doesn't get all wonky.

What I had in my stash was very similar to a sew-in interfacing except that it would tear easily when going with the grain.  Cross grain though was always a different story.

Well I had to go buy more over the weekend and found that Pellon has changed what it is like.   It is now much more like a real heavy weight paper and is a lot stiffer than the old stuff.  Removing it is much easier than the old style of the product.  Something that I'm thankful for.

Because it is expensive stuff I cut 1" wide strips of it and use it only right under where I'm stitching.  Even doing this though, I've used 3+ yards (it comes 20" wide) on the heart quilt that I'm currently working on.  I'll be stocking up on it again this weekend when it goes on sale because I have two more applique quilts to make that I will need it on.

I know that there are stabilizers that you can leave in the block after the stitching is done, but I don't like to do that because I don't like the extra stiffness on top of the wonder-under that I've used to adhere the applique.


1. The customer for the next commission quilt wants me to make her quilt (appliqued origami swans) with scraps, what fun!

2. Safe travels to work in rush hour traffic.


claire93 said...

F2F2 blocks arrived, and they're lovely ^^
Thank you very much!

Farm Quilter said...

Do you put Wonder-Under on the back of the whole applique or just close to the edges? I have 3 applique quilts in various stages of completion (one partly quilted, two waiting for backs and quilting) and on one the fusible is under the entire piece of fabric appliqued, one with a 1/4" strip of fusible close to the edge and one with 1/2" square piece of fusible in strategic places. The one with the fusible under the whole piece of fabric is a bit stiff where the applique is - could be helped by the fact that the quilting so far is only in the appliqued areas because I can't decide what I want between them, so I am wondering if you experience stiffness in the applique areas or how you eliminate that phenomenon?

desertskyquilts said...

Does that just tear off the stitching now? Like a perforated stamp? Makes sense to use that. I used to use newspaper when I did satin stitching. It isn't as good, but it worked fine.