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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Weekend Progress

I had a great time sewing and doing other related quilting related activities over the holiday weekend.   First thing up was to actually clean in the sewing room because it was driving me nuts, not to mention it was getting hazardous to get to my thread totes.

Still have stuff that didn't sell on ebay to get rid of but I've made a lot of progress and it looks much better than what it did.

This is what I pulled out of the brown scrap basket on the shelf of my cutting table.   Yes, it was overstuffed!   And there were two final bags of scraps from the row-hopping as well.  All that is now in their proper bags and in the scrap totes........and I have no more room in them so I need to sew more, and sort thru them to get rid of more.

One of the projects I worked on is actually for me - I know shock of shocks...lol.   All blocks are now finished for my hankie butterfly quilt.  I used 8 hankies in the blocks.

The center block is a very lightweight linen fingertip towel that I folded to fit the block and then appliqued down.

Closeup of one of the completed blocks.  The grey fabric it is resting on is a mottled grey that i'll be using for the sashing and border.   Will bind in more of the green.

Backing will have 4 more hankies that didn't work for butterflies on the front appliqued to it.   One of them I'm going to send off to an online friend to embroider the label onto.   Will have to back it with some fusible interfacing to make it work for the embroidery.
 I then added the top and bottom borders to this quilt.   Thinking about adding a final border around it to add a little more size to it.
And after cutting a bazillion 2.5" blocks from my green scraps with no discernible difference made to the amount of scraps that I have, I've started piecing the next critter quilt for sale.   This pic shows the first 16 rows together - halfway done.  from here up is a mainly the WOW background, so it should not take as long to piece as this part did.   (Some of my WOW's are in strip-sets for faster piecing.)

I started with 3 stacks of the green squares that were almost 3" tall and stacks of WOW's in squares and strip sets and am now down 1 stack of the green and have made a dent in the WOW's.   But have enough cut for another quilt.


1. Lots of visits with friends coming up this week and next with friends from Austin and England being in town

2. For a dentist who will let me reschedule appts so that I can see friends who are in town only over night.


desertskyquilts said...

A snail! I'm so completely shocked. =) I really like the stripping you picked as final for butterflies. Very pretty! Lots of great work last weekend. Your room looks so accessible now.

Farm Quilter said...

I am jealous of your room and right now I am only using a dining room table for my quilting stuff (along with the bed in the guest room)! Love your green snail!! Your hankie butterflies are beautiful and the perfect way to save those lovely old hankies that no one seems to use any more.