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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Row-by-Row 2018, Part 2

Saturday saw me driving southeast of where I live to the towns of Mineola, Longview, and Tyler.

First shop was Stitchin' Heaven in Mineola.   The store is huge and filled with more fabric than I've seen in a very long time.  After a tour of the store by one of the employees there, I was totally sidetracked by their scrap bin.   With bags the size of pattern bags for $5 and you fill them, I had lots of fun.  Their scraps are what is leftover after cutting the pieces needed for the quilt kits that they sell.   Large scraps and lots of them!

 And no I haven't figured out how many yards there..... but probably 4 at least, and maybe 5.  And yes, I really did leave some.  I also picked up the kit for their row, and they gave me a free pattern.

The contents of the first two bags was all batiks.   The start of two quilts here.

Next bag was stuffed with a stack of precut civil war squares, some black tonal scraps, and quite a few blue width-of-fabric strips.   The blues will be the start of a quilt that is percolating in my mind.

The final two bags I bought had precut strip sections in rust and yellow, scraps of brown and grey, remnant pieces of WOW, black/white striped, and a yellow moda.   Then more scraps of tans, greens, creams, fuschia and blue.   Lots of yummy stuff to work with in the future.

Next up was Sharman's in Longview.  Here I picked up the free pattern for their row.  Wasn't impressed by them putting everything on one side of one sheet of paper for the free pattern.  Good thing I know how to draw because their pattern needs to be enlarged by 380%!   I did find 3 black tonal fabrics here and a cool brown print that I plan to use part of for the neck of the guitar.  

The final shop I visited on Saturday was Sharman's in Tyler.   Being the sister store to the one in Longview, their pattern is the second half of the guitar on the pattern picked up there.   Two pieces were found there - the batik will be used for the sky in a design I'm working on for publication later this year, and the other is a black tonal fabric.   Notice a theme here in the fabrics I picked up this weekend?

1. for safe travels, even when I inadvertantly went the wrong way on one street....yikes!

2. For progress in settling in here.....


edith csokmay said...

Sounds like a fun way to spend a saturday. Good haul at your first stop.

edith csokmay said...

Sounds like a fun way to spend a saturday. Good haul at your first stop.

Susan said...

I love your scrap bags. No one can stuff one like you can. You got a lot of wonderful pieces and some patterns, too. I look forward to seeing the Row by Row go together. I would have loved shopping along side you!