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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Downsizing the non-quilting stash......

One of the things I've been doing this spring is to downsize my non-quilting fabric stash.  I've been moving and storing it for years without actually getting anything made from it.   After the last two moves (made in 10 months!) I decided that this needed to change.

So the net result is my downsizing that portion of my stash.  To this point I've pulled out maybe 40% of it to donate.   I'm aiming for 50% or more of it gone.

So far I've measured 63 pieces of what I pulled out in the initial culling - and have 167 yards of fabric in 5 big bags.   And I still have another 24 pieces pulled from the first round that need to be measured.    Once all of the initial round is measured, then my plan is to go back through and make a second pass and be realistic about what I'll get made up in the future.    There are fabrics for me, fabrics to use to make stuff for other people, fabric for totes (in two big totes!), and so on.   Still to go thru as well is a box full of stuff I'd collected for crazy quilt blocks which I rarely do anymore (and that doesn't count the big tote full of stuff for it either!).

I'll be heading down to Austin to the recycle place (a 501c craft recycling place) on Good Friday to donate all of this.  I can't quite take everything down there because the fabric needs to be in pieces that are 1 yard or bigger in size.

Still to be decided - I have some embroidered linen scraps in a neutral beige color....what to do with them?  Think they'd work in a quilt to sell?

1. For a place to take these where they can be found by someone who will use them.

2. For my sewing machine arriving safely.


patty a. said...

I can't imagine downsizing my stash by 50% although I have been working hard to use up what I have and not buy as much. So I am downsizing, but just using a different method! LOL!!

I have a whole box of linen embroidered pieces that I have been hanging on for years. The plan was to make a quilt. No date set for that yet!

desertskyquilts said...

That's a lot of downsizing, congratulations! I think the embroidered linen would make great quilt blocks. I love linen and use it in a lot of CQ, where I like the all natural fabrics. Have fun on your trip down and come back lighter!