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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Right or Wrong.....

Have you ever had a piece of fabric where you couldn't decide which side of it you wanted to use in your quilt?  Well that is what I've got with this bunch of scraps.  

There were 19 pieces of this fabric that were approximately 9" by 18" or larger.   I'm cutting them up into 3.5" squares to use as a background in one of my planned scrappy quilts.  (Note - a couple of the pieces I'm keeping so that I can make the needed HST's for the designs.)

The front of the fabric is a purple with a robin's egg splatter over it in a much darker color.  And then there is a metallic gold print over that.  It is not a bright print.  

In contrast the back of the fabric has a hand-dyed look to it as shown here.   And the purple is much brighter and lighter.

I'm really considering using the "back" of the fabric as the background for one of the scrappy kitty quilts that I have planned.

My question for you today - have you ever used the back of a fabric for what is seen in a quilt that you've made?

1. For the Trim Healthy Mama plan being an easy one to follow and live with, and the results that are coming with it.

2. For it not being 110 degrees here!


Kate said...

I often use the backside and especially when sewing garments. :)

Pam @ Quilting Fun said...

Yes I have and I loved it way better.

Farm Quilter said...

Absolutely!! I even had a double-sided fabric once...never found that again! I would definitely go for it with this piece - both sides are wonderful.

desertskyquilts said...

Both intentionally and not. LOL I actually prefer the back on this one, though I might feel differently if I saw it in person.