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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Row-Hopping, Final Day in Dallas

I think I've finally hit most of the stores in the DFW area.....with stopping by the last two just this week.    I picked up two rows.

The store I stopped at was the "Bernina Sewing Center".  This was the store I hadn't been able to find several weeks ago thanks to google directions.  =P     It is a nice looking store and had a nice, but small selection of fabric.  Focus of the store is more on selling machines.

Their row was this cute one with two vehicles towing the little retro campers.  The sample was worked up in two ways (tree machine embroidered vs appliqued as in the pattern).  The shop has a 3D, scalloped awning in the sample which is really cute.

The second shop I stopped at was "Fabric Fanatics" and I love stopping at this shop.   The only fabrics in the store are batiks and they are all lovely, definitely drool worthy.....lol.

Their row is this cute shop hop bus on it's way to the next shop.   The pattern gives the basic pieces for all but the hills and road.   And encourages quilters to be creative when making it.  

This is one of the rows (#7) that I'm making for my row-by-row quilt this year.   But i'm changing it up and making the bus a school bus and doing a little school instead of a quilt shop.  I have the row fused and ready to stitch down with plans to do that tonite once I get home from work.

I'm working hard to get my quilt done so I can turn it in and as of this point I know of 5 stores that I've made rows from that don't have winners yet......here's hoping I can get mine done in time to turn it in.  =)

1. for the fun I'm having in finding the right scraps to make each row

2. For the progress I know I'm making with my diet and losing weight, in spite of days like today when my ankles and feet are swollen and hurting.


Farm Quilter said...

Good luck on getting your quilt finished and fingers crossed that you are a winner at one of the shops!!

desertskyquilts said...

Oooh, I hope so! Those are cute rows. I picked up a few more today, too. Just not in Dallas. =)