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Monday, July 24, 2017

Weekend Progress

The first thing accomplished this weekend was getting the swan quilt pin basted.

And I've made a lot of progress in getting my row-by-row quilt finished.   The final 2 rows were made and attached to the quilt top and the extra needed length was added to the quilt back.  Rows 3 through 6  have been quilted, and row #7 is now in progress of being quilted.

Still to do to finish this quilt up -

  • Finish quilting row 7 (with the school bus)
  • Quilt row 8 (the bottom row)
  • Add 4" cut borders to the sides of the quilt
  • Add binding and sew it down
  • add a label
  • Turn it in at one of the stores

Successes with this quilt:

-- other than the sky fabrics in 7 out of the 8 rows, all of the fabrics for this quilt have come from my stash.
-- Most of the applique pieces have come from my scrap stash.  Only two pieces came from yardage, and one of those was a piece that I had already cut off of for the swan quilt!
-- This one has been quilted in a modified quilt-as-you-go style to make it easier to handle
-- I've managed to meander two of the rows fairly successfully.   Only problem was that the bobbin thread on one of the rows has a few spots where it is a little looser than I'd have like.  Hard to see tho, so i'm not taking it out.
Also worked on and completed over the weekend was getting the commissioned swan quilt.  I did the basting at my local quilt shop - Pieced Together in Mesquite.  The shop is about 7 miles (15 minutes) or so from my house which is really nice.

The owner has said that I'm welcome to do my basting there as long as she doesn't have any classes going on.  =)   She's a great gal and her daughter and daughter in law also work there.   Love digging thru their scrap barrel.  =)  She's got about 5000 bolts of fabric and lots of wonderful stuff.   About the only thing I don't remember her having is civil war fabrics.

1. Being able to make progress on projects w/o pulling my hair out.

2. For the rain over night which helped give a wee break in the high temps and humidity this week.


Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts said...

It's wonderful to have the support of a local quilt shop to give you basting space. Have fun quilting this week. I hope you have lots of stitching time!

desertskyquilts said...

You'll have to have a back-up LQS with civil war repros. =) The swan border looks so good! I hope you can finish your row quilting tonight!

Angie in SoCal said...

The Swan quilt is lovely. I look forward to seeing a finished photo. The Row-by-Row is looking great also. How productive you are!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Moira,
It looks like you made great progress this week. I love your Row by Row quilt - really nice job. ~smile~ Roseanne