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Friday, July 14, 2017

Scrap Happy Fifteenth - Scrappy Pups

I finally decided I'd use some of my purple scraps because I have two big bags of them - a full 2-gallon sized one and a 3/4's full 1-gallon sized one and it is getting hard to close the tote that they are in.  (Yes I need to do something with more than just the purple ones!)    Might be time to use them......lol.

This will be the first quilt from the purple scraps.   My aim is to comfortably get them back into one bag (albeit a 2 gallon one)!  It will take at least a couple of quilts approximately 40" by 60" to actually get to that point and possibly more.

The next scrappy quilt that I'll be working on is this one featuring two pups.    I 'll be making it with 3" finished squares.  Bodies will either be light or medium purples, ears - dark purples and noses black.  The heart will most likely be pink.

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1. For all of the opportunities that have been given to me.

2. For the friends in my life.


Kate Chiconi said...

I'm guessing you love purple - I can't believe how much scrap purple you have! It's one of my smallest scrap boxes, and the purple scrap block I made a couple months ago used up about half of them :-) Love the pups, great idea!

desertskyquilts said...

So what are your pattern plans for that purple? The dogs are going to be so cute!