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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Row Hopping, Day 2 - Part 3

Shop #4 on my shop hop Saturday was Quilt Among Friends.  This is one of three shops within a 1 mile radius of each other.   This was a spacious store and had a good selection of fabrics.  

Will be putting this row into the quilt I hope to turn in.

Found a fabric for skies and one for block backgrounds for my teddy bears.
 Shop #5 was Peggy's Quilt Studio, the second shop in the 1 mile radius of three shops.  A small shop, with an eclectic selection of fabrics.  Never did see the fabric they had used for their row background (basically the entire row), so I did my own thing for this row.  You can see the results in this post - my version is the top row of the quilt.
 Found the bottom fabric on their sale rack and the 10" square with hearts by the cutting table.  The hearts were going to be used for the car in the row, but I space it.   Will see about using it in another row this year.  The pink fabric was seen as I was leaving so I went back and got a  1/4 of it.   Both of the yardages have snails on them.
 Shop #6 was Sew Fabricated and it was the final of the 3 stores that were all together.  This should be a fun row to do, altho lots of detailed work with these signs.  I wasn't impressed with the shop overall- seems they don't have a working bathroom in the shop at this point....
 Found a polka dot fabric that is perfect for the background I needed to complete the quilt I have started.   A good thing since I didn't take the blocks with me and was going on my memory of colors.  The Red/White is also earmarked for a future project.
Shop#7 was Sew It Up Bernina and it was the next stop on my shop-hop.  Nice store, not a huge selection of fabrics though.
 Found a Moda Grunge blue that will make a nice sky for future rows.
Shop #8 was the Richland Sewing Center.  Good selection of fabrics, although tightly packed into a corner of the store.  Half of the store was taken up by the machines that they sell, and 1/4 by the classroom area.  I bought the kit for this row because I didn't have the fabrics needed for parts of it.

1. A fun day of shop-hopping was had

2. Friends who help supply information and contacts that are needed

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desertskyquilts said...

Those are all great rows. You had some fun, and more to come!