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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Row-Hopping, Day 2 - Part 2

The first part of my shop hopping was spent avoiding the worst of a thunderstorm that went through the area at the same I'm time I was driving the 43 miles to the first quilt shop that I visited.  Thankfully the accidents were all on the opposite side of the freeway from the direction that I was driving after the worst of the storm had passed by!   Not that I was glad for the accidents, but I was definitely glad to not have been caught in the slow traffic getting by them.

The first shop visited was Common Threads Quilting in Waxahachie.   I've been to this shop several times and like it.  They have a good variety of fabrics across the spectrum.

This is their row.  I did splurge and get the kit because it is laser cut and prefused.  Started not to, but ended up getting it because it was reasonably priced.  I also picked up two acrylic heart templates since I do so many heart blocks.

Next up was this remnant bag.  Bag is the size of a pattern bag and stuffed.   Biggest piece was over a 1/2 yd in length.  Don't have  pic tho of all that I stuffed into it.

Then came a bunch of sale FQ's, 6 of which were batiks.  =)  Several of these will be used for backgrounds of future teddy bear blocks.
And then there were these remnants that jumped into my arms as well.
Not pictured is the really pretty batik yardage that I picked up off their clearance rack.

Next up was a stop by Ben Franklin Apothecary shop in Duncanville.   The quilt shop is in part of an old-fashioned drug store that has a bit of everything in it.  The lady that was there on Saturday was so nice.   She asked where I was headed next and drew me a map telling me how to get to three stores that were all within a 1 mile radius of each other.  And then told me about another shop just a few miles south of Duncanville that had a cute row that I needed.   =)  Fabric selection was good for a small shop.

Found two light blues that will be used in future rows as the sky as I make the rows up.
The third shop that I visited on Saturday was Corner Square Quilts in Cedar Hill.  Loved this shop even though it is not very big.  Their main focus is batiks and they have a great selection.   I could have spent a small fortune here had I wanted to.

I ended up with the pattern for their row - this cute frog who is grabbing lunch on the go!  And the only license plate so far this year.  Since I'm an engineer by multiple degrees I thought this one was appropriate for me.   Now to figure out something to do with it.
The fabrics that I got here were mainly batiks.  Did  pick up two non-batiks - a sky fabric and a copper w/metallic copper highlights.

The common theme running through what I bought during the whole day was for the most part either light blue fabrics to use for "sky" portions of rows or light colored fabrics to use for backgrounds in appliqued blocks.

1.  For the finances to be able to very occasionally splurge.

2. For finding a skirt to wear to a wedding reception this coming weekend and it's three sizes smaller than I was wearing just this past September.  =)

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desertskyquilts said...

Oh, what fun! I really like the license plate. I completely forgot about them on Wednesday, and not one shop mentioned them! Yes, you had to have that one. I do like that first row especially much. Lots of bargains. Almost none of our stores do that stuff the bag scrap thing, so I rarely get to do that. We only found that one on our trip to Savannah, too. It seems like Texas has a lot. I'd rather be there with you than here with me. LOL