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Monday, July 3, 2017

Row-Hopping, Day 2 - Part 1

I went out quilt shop-hopping Saturday to collect more rows for the row by row.   I started off the day with 10 shops on my list/map, made it to 7 of those and added 2 others to the mix.   The remaining three will be gotten to another weekend.   Over the next several posts I'll post pics about what I came home with.

One of the shops was Cabbage Rose Quilting and Embroidery. Lots of beautiful fabrics across a wide selection of types.   I came home with the row pattern.  This is one of the ones I'll be making for my row quilt.

What I bought was this bag of scraps.  Everything in the store was 20% off, so I ended up getting this for less than $14 and it had to have weighed close to 3 pounds.  =)  Almost all of the pieces are at least a FQ in size and a couple of them were 24" panels that will make great starts for quilts.

Patriotic panel that will be going into an American Hero quilt.  Might even put it with the blocks that I've got made up now to get that quilt finished faster.

Patriotic fabric for the navy and air force.  Will end up in an American Hero quilt at some point.

Top part of one of the panels.  Fabric is meant to look like a coloring page so that kids can color it in with fabric markers.

Top part of the panel.

I'm planning on using the sections of these two panels as centers for rectangular log cabin blocks.
Mainly large pieces here, a few smaller ones or squares, in this pic and the last one.   In all total there probably is at least 6 yds of fabric here.  

1. Safe travels during the storm Saturday while I was out shop-hopping.

2. For the sales that I've been able to make on Ebay.

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desertskyquilts said...

Such fun! I like the panels and that idea of log cabin rectangles. That will be fun! American Hero Quilts will be great with those centers, too.