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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Row-by-Row Quilt - 2017 style

This years theme for the Row-by-Row that is going on now is "On the Go".  As a result a lot of the rows have a transportation theme that is easy to take and make "boyish" for a quilt that will end up going to a boy at some point.  

And that is my ultimate plan for the quilt I'm putting together this year, but first I really do hope to get it turned in somewhere for the prize.  =)

Top pic shows the first three rows that I have completed and attached into a quilt top.  The next three pics are pics of what the original rows looked like as the shops completed them.

I've used a combination of raw edge stitching (straight stitch and a wider zigzag), satin stitching and buttonhole stitching to finish the edges.   All appliques have been fused down with wonder under.  Buttons were used for the tires on the car in the top row.

 I have several more rows to make up in what I've already picked up.  And there are several more rows here in the DFW metroplex that I want to pick up to use in the quilt.

I'm planning on adding the first border around what I've done so far, leaving part of the ends hanging free for when I add the next rows on.  Then I'll take and go ahead and sandwich this part and start quilting it.

1. Rain held off this morning until I was almost at work.

2. It's a short work week.  =)

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