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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

T-Shirt Memory Pillows - A Tutorial

Ever wonder what to do with t-shirts from someone no longer here, or ones from places where you've visited but you no longer can wear?  Want to make something that isn't as involved as a quilt?  A memory pillow from from a t-shirt is one possibility that you can make.

Materials needed:

1 or more T-shirts
           (Note: the smaller the size shirt, the smaller the pillow form
                      will need to be unless you add in other fabric)

fusible stabilizer (I used Pellon P44F fusible interfacing, normally $0.99 at Joann Fabrics)

Notions used:

Ruler the size needed to cut the initial square
           (I used my June Tailor Shape Cut ruler because I
             needed 16" squares and that's all I have that big)
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Mat


Take your t-shirt and press it if needed, smooth it out so that it lays flat. 

Separate the front of the shirt from the back by -
-- cut the sleeves off of the shirt
-- cut up the sides of the shirt
-- cut across the shirt at the shoulder seams

Once the size square (or whatever shape you are cutting) has been cut, then it is time to cut the pieces for the back.

Take the remainder of the front (or back) that was below where the design was cut out and cut a section that is the same width as the design section that you cut above.  The finished t-shirt hem should be at the bottom as shown in the picture.

Square up the side opposite to where the hem is.  This piece will be the top of the two back pieces, and for a 14" pillow should be about 11-12" in finished width if possible for best coverage.  If your piece isn't that big, then just trim it to the largest size possible.

Repeat this from the back section.  This piece can range in size from 8-10" in finished width for a 14" pillow.  I aim for a 4-5" overlap so that I don't have to put a button or other fastener on the back in order to keep the sections from gapping.

Once both sections have been cut, then lay the largest back section face down on top of the section as shown in this picture. 

Note: I tend to try to layout the back pieces such that the grain of the knit is going opposite to that of the front section in order to minimize seam stretching.

Lay the second back piece on top of the previous two sections as shown.

Pin all of them together and then sew your seam.  (I use a 5/8" or 3/4" seam allowance depending on how big the sections are cut and what size pillow form is used.)    To help stabilize the seam allowance, stitch a second time closer to the edge.

Turn the pillow cover right side out and press the seams.

Insert Pillow form and your memory pillow is complete.

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