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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Commissioned Stockings - Part 1

The first round of commissioned stockings have been completed. 

I started with this 3X men's Wrangler shirt and from it was able to get 9 different stockings.  All that I had left from the shirt was one cuff, half of the collar, the seams, and a few small scraps of the body that weren't big enough to do anything with. 
 Final stocking made by piecing the leftover bits and sections of the shirt into a big enough piece to cut one more stocking out.  Sleeve placket in the white section was left in for interesting. 
 Shirt label, sleeve placket, half of the collar, and a front shirt pocket used to add interest to these four stockings.
 Cut from the back of the shirt, placket from the shirt front used to add interest to the stocking.
 Left stocking has one of the sleeve cuffs at the top complete with the buttons that were on it.  remaining two were cut so that the pocket and logo were on the stockings.
 A Harley Davidson sheet is being used to cut the lining sections from.  Grosgrain ribbon used for the hanging loop. 


1. Customers who pay promptly and don't wait for everything to be completed first.  (esp. with this since there are so many things being made.)

2.  For not having to deal with the winter weather problems caused by the polar vortex this past week.


K Reeves said...

My goodness yo got a bunch of stockings out of that shirt! Very creative!

Susan said...

Moira, those are amazing! I can't believe you got 9, even with a 3xx shirt, but each one is so interesting, too. Great job!

Farm Quilter said...

The stockings are fabulous!! You definitely made the right choice on the unique pieces you left in the stocking for interest...it totally makes them perfect!!

edith csokmay said...

Those turned out fantastic. What a productive time you've had.