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Thursday, September 27, 2018

My Happy Place Row-Along - My Day

Today is my day to share my row for the "My Happy Place" Row Along online.  Thank you for stopping by to check out my row and to pick up the pattern.  The pattern will be free for one week and then will be on sale for a small fee.

I've lived in Boston 2 times now between grad school at Northeastern and a stint of working back there, and would be there now if I had a job back there.  I love the history and the scenery of the area.   Urban and green spaces all mingle together.   I love walking in town, riding the subway and all that is available there.  It is safe to say that Boston is one of my favorite cities. 

As an homage to all that is back there , I've designed a row that is a silhouette view of the Boston skyline.   Shown in the row are silhouettes of various buildings office buildings downtown, the state capital building, the Paul Revere monument, the Zaycon Bridge, the Boston Garden, and others.   The trees and green spaces around town and the surrounding areas are represented by the green triangles on either side.  The Charles River and Boston Harbor are represented by the blue water at the bottom of the row.  Everything is silhouetted against a wonderful sunset sky

One detail of the buildings.  The "building" in the foreground shown here is actually a representation of the Zaycon bridge that I drove over every day when going to/from work the last time I lived in the Boston area.

I put green equilateral triangles on either side of the buildings to represent all of the green areas. whether cultivated or forested, that are in the Boston area.  Two of them are solid pieces and the others are string pieced.  The variety of colors in the greens are meant to bring to mind the colors in the trees during all seasons of the year.

Once again this year, those of us designing rows were blessed to have fabric sent to us from Northcott Fabrics.   I chose to use fabrics from their Artisan Spirit collections.   Colorways used were the Mineral and Blue Lagoon.  These are wonderful feeling fabrics and are lovely to work with.  These fabrics were used in the water, binding, and most of the buildings.

The remaining fabrics in the buildings and the trees were from my scraps.  The sky fabric is by Timeless Treasures.

The pattern for the pattern can be downloaded from my Craftsy Store.  It will be free through October 4th. 
To visit the blogs of the other quilters who are sharing their 
rows today, click here to go to Marian's blog for the entire list.

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1. For the joy that I have in designing quilts.

2. For the opportunity to take part in blog hops and "meet" other quilters.


sketchrs said...

Although I've seen quite a bit of the US, Boston is still on the list of places to visit.
Thank you for the lovely row, Moors.

Creativeblonde66 said...

Wow, stunning row. I love love love the colours you've chosen 😍

Elizabeth Coughlin said...

I love it! You captured Boston so well! I worked there for many years and still live an hour away from it. I really like how you handled the bridge.

Vivian said...

This is such a beautiful view of the skyline of Boston, indulging my love of travel even though I have not left my chair Thank you for designing it !

Allison said...

I love your row, especially the bridge! Gorgeous!

Suze said...

You have created an amazing row. I have never been to Boston and this row makes me want to vist Boston even more and SOONER than later. I say SOONER since I live in the SOONER state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma is not my favorite state even though I have lived here over 2/3 of my life. A company moved me here and I necer looked back. I loved living in northeastern PA - about 30 miles south of Erie. I loved my job there and I loved the climate. I was very happy there. Thanks for an inspiring row. Your work is always very inspirational and beautiful.

Bonnie58 said...

Beautiful quilt. I love your happy place skyline. Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

Thank you! We visited Boston several years ago- this will help remind me of the memories made with my grandchildren!

Mary Lou P. said...

Such a creative row! Thank you for your wonderful work!

Susan L. said...

What a great row! My daughter lived in Boston for 6 years, while going to school, so I am very familiar with that skyline.

Chelsea said...

Beautiful row and fabrics! Thanks so much.

Nancy L said...

You have captured Boston perfectly!! I love Boston, too, and hope to visit it again someday.

Nancy L said...

You have captured Boston perfectly!! I love Boston, too, and hope to visit it again someday.

Carol S. said...

What a beautiful depiction of Boston! I love the fabrics you used and the quilting you added. Thanks for sharing!

Nancy in IN said...

So neat. I have never been to Boston, but maybe some day.

GranChris said...

I love visiting Boston but too cold for me. Great row.

Calicojoan said...

Beautiful row! I'll be in Boston in a couple of days. Looking forward to it!

ShirleyC said...

That's a neat row! My grandson and his wife recently visited Boston for his birthday, and they had so much fun.

Sewgirl said...

Great row! I love Boston! I have many happy memories from Boston, as my son went to college there, so we have visited many times! Thanks for taking the time to create and then generously share your row!

e said...

That is a beautiful row and a great interpretation. I've never been to Boston and would love to some day. We are so blessed to have you share your God-given talents with all of us.

Sharon Aurora said...

I've never been to Boston, but I've heard it's a very nice place to visit. Your row and the fabrics your used are great. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Beautiful skyline of Boston, Thank you

tac73 said...

This is a lovely row. Thank you for sharing your happy place.

Quilty Joyce said...

I've never been to Boston, but I love your depiction! Having seen that particular bridge in many photographs, I could tell instantly what it was! Thank you for lovely design work.

Inge Lise said...

Hvor er det et smukt mønster, jeg har aldrig været der og desværre er det så langt væk at det nog aldrig vil muligt at besøge.
Mange hilsner fra Danmark (il@mvbmail.dk)

whistlebet57 said...

I love skylines thanks so much for the Row
Elizabeth, Silverdale, WA

Carol Andrews said...

I have never been to Boston, but I love skylines and your row is perfect. Thanks for being part of the hop. It's a great way for us to meet new bloggers.
Carol Andrews QuiltSchmilt@gmail.com

Konstantina said...

Beautiful! This brings back so many memories...visited Boston when my son was living there...just love this skyline! Thank you!

Myrtle said...

Always enjoy your work. The colors are beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us.

wendy said...

I have not been to Boston but would like to visit there some day. I like your interpretation of the skyline. Thank you!

Dione Gardner-Stephen said...

Great skyline. Thanks for your row!

shobs said...

Interesting skyline.Thank you so much for your block.

Karrin Hurd said...

Great row Moira! I was just back in Boston to take Kyleigh to college and enjoyed all the sightseeing. We found a John Hurd buried across from Paul Revere’s grave. Thanks for sharing!

Rozz01 said...

Great Boston quilt row creation. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy said...

A very nice row. Your colors are wonderful. Thank you.

Susan said...

It looks so great finished! I've never been to Boston, but I would like to visit and do all the touristy things, but not in the hot and humid summer. =)

Seacoast Quilter said...

Thank you for the nice row pattern. I’ve recently never lived in Boston, but have been close enough for easy visits. Love that city!

Marian said...

I went to college in Boston, so it's a lovely reminder of the beautiful city that I absolutely loved living in. I've flown thru there several times since then, but have never been back to visit. It's a place I think my hubby would love to visit and of course, during this time of the year, the areas surrounding Boston and that part of the East Coast are to die for with the gorgeous fall scenery. I always love having you as apart of my events Moira, your projects are always awe-inspiring. I love this row and thank you for bringing back such wonderful memories. Thank you for participating in this year's row along and hopefully, we'll see you next year too.

Farm Quilter said...

Great row and your bridge is perfect!!

Sharon said...

Beautiful colors! I've visited Boston, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would love to go back again in the autumn and take a tour of New England. Thanks for sharing your row!