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Monday, January 20, 2020

Re-purposing UFO/Orphan Blocks

More than 5 yrs ago a gal on one of my quilt lists gave me a handful of embellished crazy quilt blocks.  Two of them were given to someone else because I never figured out what to do with them.   Part of me wishes I hadn't done that now....but too late....lol, and it's not like I don't have anything to work with here at the house.

One of them was this baby themed block with machine stitching embellishing the seams.  Almost gave it away, but at the last minute decided to re-purpose it.

 I've a double baby shower (one boy and one girl) coming up in 10 days and need cards of some sort for it.   So I started the process of making them by ironing two pieces of pellon fusible stiffener onto the back of the block and then trimmed around them.

I then took the largest of the pieces left and sewed it to a third piece of pellon.   The addition of a few gold scraps to fill out the needed space and the card was covered.

Some lace, ribbon, and a silk flower and the postcard tops are completed.  Next up will be adding the backs and the edge-stitching.

The top right and the bottom cards will be used for the shower.  The other one will be either saved for the future or displayed for sale.


1. For the new glasses really improving the issues I was having with the old pair

2. For the smooth commute to the office today

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Susan said...

I'm so sad you had to go in and waste all that time driving when you could have been quilting! The cards looks great. That was a terrific way to use one block for three purposes. I look forward to seeing what the other blocks become.