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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

To-do's for January 1st thru 15th, 2020

his week's list and goals will actually go thru the end of the year because I'm headed out on vacation....but taking my machine and a number of projects with me.

Completions for the last couple of weeks -
  1. Finish Christmas stocking for Customer - Finished!
  2. Basketball quilt totally finished (quilting, binding, label) - Finished and Delivered!
  3. Made 3 test stuffed animals for new pattern, and one teddy bear.   All for sale
  4. Finished mini pp'd wall-hanging recieved at Christmas
  5. Mini wall-hanging for gift (Coffee panel) - Finished!
Commission To-do's for January -
  1. Commissioned tote #1 - cats - All fab's pulled, ready to cut and prep fabrics (already paid for)
  2. Commissioned tote #2 - dachshunds - All fab's pulled, ready to cut and prep fabrics (already paid for)
  3. Repair antique Sun Bonnet Sue quilt for SR
  4. Sew Cross-stitch blocks together as needed for SR
  5. Postcards for sale as I can make them - Valentine, Easter, and spring ones need to be started

Current For Sale projects & Commissions-
  1. Owl print quilt for sister of TK - Fabric has been ordered from a shop on Etsy (coming from Slovakia and has been shipped), design is complete
  2. Alterations (3 sweatpants) for CS
  3. Pincushions for sale - make and list
Christmas gifts -
  1. Pillowcase(s) for triangle support pillow for PN - Draw up pattern and dig fabric out so this can be made
  2. Embellish Sweatshirt for DN
  3. Send gifts to the N family
Future Commissions-
  1. T-shirt Quilt for friend in an online group (no due date, waiting for shirts and specs)
  2. T-shirt quilt for a friend at church (no due date, waiting for shirts, specs)
  3. Men's Shirt alterations (multiple, not sure how many at this point) 
  4. Hem dress for wife of #3
  5. T-shirt quilts for CA and CA
  6. Memory bears for TA
  7. Memory Pillows and stuffed pigs (2 each) (customer = friend of my realtor friend) to be done after Christmas
Possible Commissions/Sales -
  1. Airplane quilt - need to make sample blocks before getting back with friend to see if she's interested (most likely for Christmas if she decides to do it)
  2. Music Quilt - long time possibility....rumblings about it happening again - Designed, waiting on down payment
  3. Teddy Bear Quilt - This needs to be quilted so that it can either the commission can be completed or it sold
  4. Quilt tops that are for sale (Wolf + more)
Other projects that need to be done -
  1. Ship snail quilt out for quilting - Ready to ship, but have to wait till I get paid again 
  2. Go thru the two boxes of books that need to go to second hand store and document what is there before donating
  3. Additional work for the PT job - Ongoing work......thankfully
  4. Finish 4 UFO's that will be headed to the kids of a family who lost everything in a forest fire in CA - three of four quilted and ready for binding, backing pulled for the remaining one
  5. Prep t-shirts for my own t-shirt quilt - t-shirts are all together (and have been for several yrs) but need to back with interfacing and get ready for quilting (doing quilt as you go).
  6. Downsize clothing fabric stash
  7. Find place to donate clothing fabric 
  8. Get website set up so that I can sell what I'm making and my quilts

1. For having stuffed critters already made that will make the perfect baby shower gifts.  =)

2. For getting to visit with friends who I haven't seen in a while while I was on vacation.

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Susan said...

Plenty done, and plenty to do. Aren't you glad you have no time to be bored? =)